east of england buildings preservation trust

South Brink, Wisbech
Illustration of South Brink, Wisbech by Chris Godfrey - ex Secretary to CHBPT

East of England Buildings Preservation Trust logonew projects

The Trust is actively seeking a new project to save a threatened historic building or buildings and is always keen to hear from local authorities, social enterprises, other trusts or individuals who have identified a possible project and who can help assess its viability, secure funding and implement a scheme.

Its projects to date have always been listed buildings but if a building is of historic interest and where appropriate townscape value and is important to the community within which it is located then the Trust could still be interested.

Possible future projects are being explored in Breckland and East Cambridgeshire but anywhere within our area of operation may be considered if all the factors are right.

Please email the Trust if you have a potential project that you think the Trust could be interested in. The Trust is particularly interested in taking on a project that will have a community based user in whole or part. Of equal interest, is a project that could generate a long term income flow to the Trust since the Trust has no regular source of income or grants.

supporting or joining the council of management

The Trust's Council of Management benefits from having a variety of different professional expertise amongst its Directors. New Directors are needed from time to time depending upon the professionalisms represented on the Council and subject to vacancies being available. If you are interested in supporting our work in any way do get in touch.


EEBPT is a charity and has no income except very modest interest from capital that will form essential seed funding for a future project. The Trust would be delighted to receive any donation and or legacies large or small.